Quinta de Tourais - The Coelho brothers Quinta de Tourais - The parents Quinta de Tourais - The grandparents


The family is the strength that holds us to the place we inhabit today. It gives meaning to the path we choose to take together and meaning to the work we do. The family is the essence of what we are and what we love and everything that matters to us: the land, the must, the shale, the sky and the people.

Quinta de Tourais - the grandparents

On December 15, 1927, our grandparents started a story that will be told by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The acquisition of Quinta de Tourais, in the Cambres valley, would be the legacy that the past brought to us and would give a special meaning to everything we do today.

Our parents married at a young age, attracted by totally falling in love. Young and idealists, they joined forces to build a project that would last beyond their time. It is in it that we find ourselves and what we believe. It is also what, until today, unites and strengthens us in a special way.

Quinta de Tourais - The parents
Quinta de Tourais - Manuela Coelho

"I love the people, the books, the wine and vineyards that surround me. I live for this Home and in it I travel through the smell that arises from the hot pans. When I cook, specially if I do for my friends or my family, I feel some of the finest pleasures my life has given me." – Manuela

Fernando is the oenologist responsible for wines and vineyards. The vineyard and cellar were once the place where he played, now they are his laboratory where he creates the wines that remain in our memory.

Quinta de Tourais - Fernando Coelho
Quinta de Tourais - Liliana Peixoto

The love story that brought Liliana here and the connection to the land makes her passionate about vineyards and wines. The final batches of the wines are tuned by Liliana's instinct and sensitivity.